Educating for a sustainable future

Learning 2B Sustainable brings together the best of sustainability, environmental and global education and supports schools in developing their own plans and priorities.

Director Chris Southwood is now taking on fewer training sessions as retirement approaches. However, her passion for Education for Sustainable Development remains as great as ever. She would be happy to share her experiences with groups of students and new teachers on an expenses only basis. She can be contacted at

Watch the video below for the benefits of sustainable schools and global learning from experienced speakers at the Growing Up Green & Global event.

Click DfE responses on the sidebar to read questions and answers about sustainability and global education from Nicky Morgan MP, former Secretary of State for Education, Nick Gibb MP Minister of State for School Standards and Michael Gove MP, former Secretary of State.

Using simple and straightforward methods based on the Director’s extensive experience, every school will be able to establish it’s own action plan, building firm foundations to ensure a continuous coordinated whole school approach for pupils and staff.

Connections will be made between curriculum work, existing school activities, the local community and links made to projects and schemes from external providers, (including DfID’s Global Learning Programme). Interest and enjoyment levels are high, learning potential is maximised and momentum is maintained to achieve long term outcomes for all. See support options for whole school audit service.

See latest news for response from Education Secretary Rt. Hon Nicky Morgan MP about sustainable schools.

Have you heard about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2016-2030 including climate change. Explore the potential of the SDGs for new resource materials. Contact for details or see Training and Support Options. _Will your school be ready?_*

If you are a third sector provider or a company providing sustainable services to schools and you struggle to make contacts with new schools, please go to: If you would like an event like this in your region, please get in touch.


This event has now taken place with many positive comments being made by exhibitors and delegates. See Exhibitor list to find out who was there with links to their websites

Videos of the event held at Harper Adams University on September 18th 2015 are now available on Youtube. They can all be accessed via the Chris Southwood channel bearing the company logo.

If you are school based and wondering how to move forwards with this agenda please go to: Please get in touch if you would like to establish this kind of whole school approach in your school.

The Growing Up Green & Global Feedback Report is now available via the link. If you are interested in running this kind of event in your area of England, please get in touch.