Learning 2B Sustainable sessions will provide answers to questions such as these:

Can we really make financial savings, reduce our carbon footprint, involve the whole school, improve learning opportunities and have fun?

How can schools get their sustainable schools work noticed?

How can we integrate sustainable schools when we have never been trained?

How can I convince my staff to take this on with everything else we are doing?

Will this fit with new curriculum developments?

How can we link this with food waste and carbon reduction targets?

We have a wildlife area and forest school on our premises but how can we link this with the sustainable schools framework?

We have a new school building, how does this apply to us?

Are there any awards we can get for all this effort?

Will employers want environmentally aware employees in the future?


What is the best way to include occasional environmental campaigns?

How can we motivate young people when the media only show the environment as all doom and gloom?

How can our teachers be sure of the messages they use are correct when there is uncertainty and debate all the time?

How can we deal with new environmental issues that emerge when there is no guidance available?

If politicians can’t agree, how can we be expected to guide young people?

Are wind farms good or bad?

Do I need to give up my foreign holiday?

How can we justify buying local food when a Kenyan crop may provide the cash for their children to go to school?

Should we include some good news like the otters returning to rivers and red kites spreading across England?

Recycling wasn’t common 10 years ago. How do we know what young people will need to know in the future?