Our Services

Learning 2B Sustainable will plan bespoke sessions lasting 2 hours to 2 days, available throughout England. All sessions will be interactive where appropriate and pre-planned with clients. The intention is to encourage participants to have a go and see the benefits a sustainable schools approach can have.

Learning 2B Sustainable will provide training sessions for:

Teacher trainers

• To enable all student teachers to understand and feel more confident with sustainable school developments, sessions available for all curriculum subjects and key stages


• To help plan the integration of sustainable schools in primary and secondary schools with whole school approach for all curriculum areas and key stages

• Courses available specific to school leaders and managers if requested

• Sessions available for whole staff teams to promote school progress and improvement through sustainable schools work

• Courses to explore ways to involve support staff, classroom assistants, and bursars with sustainable schools

• Advice for sustainable school audits and reporting via self evaluation forms

• Sessions with parent groups to encourage community support for sustainable schools


• Options available to explore ways for governing bodies to support school efforts to become more sustainable

• Suggestions for ways to increase local community involvement through sustainable school activities

• Explore ways for sustainable schools to be strategic, challenging and accountable and provide a very effective contribution to governor support

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Local authority Staff

• Courses can explore ways to build coherence across a wide range of national and local initiatives such as Carbon reductions, Healthy Schools, travel planning, Out of Classroom Learning, Forest Schools

• Sessions focused on tackling carbon emissions reduction and carbon footprints

• Sessions for facilities management to make savings through sustainable school activities

Detailed breakdown of costs
available on request.